What if some of the most amazing discoveries in green science were yet to be made? It’s that notion that motivates our green chemists to constantly search for what can come next – from improving our formulas to discovering brand new ones. 更重要的是, we believe in sharing that cutting-edge research with you every step of the way.


Sustainable chemistry takes into account the entire lifecycle of a product or formula, 从设计和制造到使用和处置. It’s a holistic approach to product design that seeks to maximize both human and environmental health, 50多年来,新巴黎人官方一直是这一领域的先驱. Our green chemists are constantly pushing the boundaries of sustainable chemistry because we believe in the power of science to improve human life and save the world.



There are 500+ human and environmental toxins we promise to never use in our products, 新巴黎人官方发现的越多, 新巴黎人官方的名单就越进化. 了解新巴黎人官方关于这些化学物质的知识,以及新巴黎人官方为什么禁止它们.




We believe that a sustainable supply chain should support local farmers and preserve the history and traditions of the generations before ours. That’s why we source our ingredients globally to ensure plant-based ingredients come from where they are indigenously grown. 


去认识一些自然界最优秀、最聪明的生物. 这些关键成分是新巴黎人官方许多产品的基础.



椰子 oil is pressed from the inside meat (copra) of the coconut and is the raw material used to make many of our surfactants. The hard outer shell of a coconut preserves the copra and keeps it especially pure. The resulting surfactants have excellent cleaning properties and are exceptionally gentle. You can find surfactants that are made from coconuts usually by the “coco” in their name, 比如“可可硫酸钠”.” 椰子s are also highly renewable—a single coconut tree can produce over 50 coconuts annually and will produce fruit for up to 80 years.



This superfood is packed with antioxidants and also makes for an excellent source of cleaning power. 甜菜 have the highest sugar content of any vegetable, and this sugar is used to create surfactants. Alkylpolyglucosides, 或apg, 表面活性剂是由糖制成的吗, 你可以找到含有“葡萄糖苷”的名称,比如癸基葡萄糖苷.

Made from fermented natural sources, vinegar has been used for cleaning since ancient times. We use vinegar for its powerful ability to cut through grease and stains in our household cleaners. In our window cleaner, vinegar helps to make sure nothing but a streak-free shine is left behind.



矿物是来自地核的天然物质. 从氯化钙到碳酸钠, 新巴黎人官方使用矿物质,因为它们对新巴黎人官方的表现有惊人的促进作用. 矿物质可以帮助去除污渍, 去除硬水垢, 并帮助表面活性剂和酶更好地工作.



维生素E can be found in many fruits and nuts, such as avocados, sunflower seeds and almonds. 它是一种强大的抗氧化剂,能镇静皮肤,减少炎症. It also makes our hand soap distinctly soothing; you’ll feel the difference each time you wash.


有时化学药品名声不好. 事实是,并非所有的化学物质都是一模一样的. 这里有一些新巴黎人官方使用的好的,清洁的化学物质.

Solvents are chemicals that break down solutes and allow them to become part of a homogeneous solution, 有效稳定新巴黎人官方的公式. They also can assist in breaking down the oils contained in the soils you’re trying to clean up. 

软水剂能吸附金属离子, 防止一切从变色到硬水积聚.

We use pH adjusters so that all our products are pH balanced in a range that is safer for you and your family.

Surfactants are the active agents that do the heavy lifting of soil and stain removal. Surfactants bust through water’s strong surface tension, ensuring that soils can be carried away.

Our natural fragrances include a mixture of essential oils and chemicals that are all naturally derived and sourced to improve your sensory experience.

Preservatives are used in our formulas to ensure that our products stay fresh and free of bacteria. In the absence of refrigeration or preservatives, water promotes bacterial growth. So, 分子式里的水越多, “水活度”越高,防腐剂就越重要. 在过去的十年里,防腐剂化学有了很多创新, and we’re constantly working to find the best and safest preservatives to use.

Enzymes can provide a deeper fiber-level clean than most surfactants are able to do alone. 新巴黎人官方使用酶来有效地分解蛋白质污渍、脂肪和淀粉.


你会发现美国.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice seal on over 90 of our products. 当你在产品上看到“更安全的选择”印章时, 这意味着它通过了美国环保署严格的性能标准, 安全与创新.   

新巴黎人官方被命名为美国.S. EPA’s Safer Choice Partner of the Year four times, including most recently in 2022. 点击这里了解新巴黎人官方关于安全选择印章的信息.



当你把新巴黎人注册网站产品带回家的时候, 新巴黎人官方花了几百个小时来测试和完善它. 每一个产品配方都经过严格的功效检验, performance and safety testing in our state-of-the-art research and development labs as well as with trusted third-party testing labs. 


仍然很好奇?  新巴黎人官方可以聊一整天化学. 请将问题直接发送给新巴黎人官方的创新团队 thelab@foreverfitnessgym.com